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Introduced to juggling when she is 8 years old by a professional of this art in 1982, this hobby becomes immediately a true passion.

Very quickly, she’s noticed. At the age of 10, it’s in Australia that she accomplishes her first television appearance and it’s just the beginning!

All along her studies, she gained some experience by herself, continuing stage work regularly…

After winning multiple awards, especially a silver medal at the “Festival Mondial du Cirque de l’Avenir” in Paris in 1989, it’s in 1991, after receiving her high school diploma, that Françoise becomes a professional.

Contracts and television appearances (in China, in Russia, in Japan, and in France, of course…) link up then , and Françoise gains an international recognition. Her Gold Medal in Las Vegas in 1995, in the individual category, strengthens this image and has ranked her among the World’s best ones.

Heading along her way as a true self taught woman with a lot of will and persistence and after years of daily rehearsals, Françoise enters her name in the 2000 Guinness World Records, for her 7 batons juggling.

1995 : Gold medal at the international juggling convention in Las Vegas, individual category.

2000 until 2014 : Guinness World Record for her 7 batons juggling

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