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Defying the laws of gravity, one could believe that Françoise Rochais is a magician. But she’s a very talented juggler ! An essential asset : her femininity, her charisma and her grace, in an almost exclusively “male-dominated” world of juggler.

Françoise Rochais masters her art to perfection with an impressive price list. It’s in 1995 that she obtains the Gold Medal in Las Vegas and becomes World Champion Juggler. This puts her on the level with some of the very best in the world. Out of 50 years of mixed competitions, she becomes the 2
nd woman to accomplish this achievement.

During year 2000, Françoise earned her name in the Guinness Book for her 7 batons juggling.

She had already done a world tour and many television shows… Either in Europe, in China, in Australia…, she travels all other the world to share her art and her passion.

Françoise Rochais proposes a performance that will astonish you. Batons, umbrellas, fire torches… Françoise juggles with everything !

Her performance is varied, adaptable and original. It will integrate perfectly into your programming. Do not hesitate to suggest her some challenges. She will accept them with panache and talent. Enjoy every moment of it, an extraordinary performance is waiting for you!